Easy Tips to Make Your Credit Card Work Harder

27 Sep

Easy Tips to Make Your Credit Card Work Harder

When you consider that the rate of global adoption for credit cards has never been higher. However, as the level of consumer attraction grows, so too does the global level of consumer debt. While this might seem like great news for the credit industry, which benefits solely from the profits from debt, consumers aren’t so lucky. To help you even out the odds, below are some tips to help you get the most out of your credit card.

What’s the Fee For?

If your credit card provider isn’t able to tell you what the registration or annual fee is for or what it covers, then it’s time to have a chat. If they aren’t able to waive the fee, kindly advise them that you will begin to search for a new provider.

When you are shopping around, be sure to ask each of the providers the same questions.If they aren’t able to tell you what the fee is for, ask them to waive it, given that it does not cover any tangible service.
Often, a card provider will try to tell a customer that the charge is associated with the cost of producing their card, however, it’s important to remember that you pay the fee each year and only receive a new card every three to five.

Use the Rewards

If you can’t remember the last time that you used your credit card’s reward program then you either need to pay attention to what’s on offer or change providers. Rewards programs are one of the greatest differentiators between credit card providers, with many of them working hard to ensure they have an enticing offering for new customers.

Take a look through the website of your card company to find out what rewards programs you are eligible for what which products you can receive. Whether it’s a discounted gym membership or deals from the Groupon Coupons page for Aerie, find something that you like and that you will actually benefit from. If you can’t’ find anything that interests you, take a look at the programs offered by other credit providers to find something which benefits you more. After all, if you don’t utilize these services, they are wasted.

Are There Any Arrangements?

Looking to further set themselves apart in the crowded credit market, providers are also forging arrangement and deals with popular service and utility providers to offer special rates and discounts. For example, some credit card providers can offer you a further discount on a utility bill if you pay on time using the specified card. While the discounts may seem small, they apply each month the bill comes in, meaning their benefits are constant.

When it comes to taking o a credit card or refinancing, the world has shifted, with credit providers doing all that they can to make themselves more appealing. While you will still and always have to pay interest, take advantage of the shifted landscape to grab yourself a better credit deal!

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